We are currently selling complete hives with bees. Reserve your’s early as there is a limited quantity. Our complete beehives consist of all the essential components to start a new hive or add to you existing apiary.

A deep hive body with 10 frames of Carniolan bees, brood and honey with a 2018 laying queen carefully grafted from our own northern survivor breeder queens with genetics from Carnolian, VSH and Minnesota Hygienic. Get a head start on the summer with a complete hive. Also Includes a bottom board, inner cover and telescoping cover.  The hive body and listed equipment are in like new condition. Pickup will be mid June. The cost for a single deep is $285 per hive. Hives consisting of (2) deep hives bodies of (10 frames each) are available at the same time for $335. Call for quantity breaks or if you don’t need the covers or bottom boards. 

   Warranty: We guarantee a laying queen in each hive and will inspect each one before delivery. If you find you still received a queenless or bad hive you must contact us within ten days to get a replacement queen. No replacements or adjustments are available after ten days. 


Click on the link below to reserve your hives now!


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